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Veterinary Specialty Hospital - North County

Collection of Biological Specimens from Dogs Scheduled for Biopsy or Surgery for Suspected or Known Cancer



Ethos Veterinary Health contract research study


This study is collecting samples from dogs in support of the development of a noninvasive test for the early detection of cancer. The study will compare certain markers in the blood that are specific to cancer, but not found in healthy dogs, before and after surgical biopsy or surgical removal of a mass.


  • Dogs 1 year of age or older.

  • Dogs weighing over 12 pounds.

  • Have a current or suspected diagnosis of cancer and are scheduled for either a surgical biopsy or surgical removal of the mass.


  • Pet Emergency & Specialty Center of Marin (PESCM), San Rafael, California

  • Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital, Wheat Ridge, CO

  • VERC, Honolulu, HI

  • Veterinary Specialty Hospital, Sorrento Valley, San Diego, CA

  • Veterinary Specialty Hospital, North County, San Marcos, CA