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Dysbiosis Enhancing Linkage Towards Association with Canine Osteosarcoma (DEL-TACO Lite)

Study Status

Ethos Veterinary Health and Ethos Discovery are investigating a potential treatment for canine osteosarcoma (OSA)


The Objective of This Study: is to determine whether or not canine patients diagnosed with canine osteosarcoma (OSA) have intestinal dysbiosis and whether treating intestinal disease improves patient outcomes.

We Seek to Understand: the link between the gut biome, specifically intestinal dysbiosis, in dogs with OSA. Osteosarcoma is a malignant bone cancer typically found in the long bones (arms and legs).

We are looking for a rare subset of patients:Intestinal dysbiosis is a broad term that is defined as the imbalance of gut microbiota associated with an unhealthy outcome. In human patients, intestinal dysbiosis has been associated with colorectal, lung, and breast cancer tumor progression.

To date, no studies have been published investigating the relationship between the intestinal microbiome in dogs or humans with osteosarcoma (OSA). If your dog has been recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma, we welcome your participation in our study.

Intestinal dysbiosis is an alteration in the composition and/or richness of the normal bacterial population in the intestines. It has been suggested that states of intestinal dysbiosis exist and may possibly correlate with various diseases, such as cancer and immune-mediated diseases. The effect of intestinal dysbiosis on the progression of various diseases is currently lacking in both human and veterinary medicine.


  • Dogs with osteosarcoma confirmed on biopsy (with or without evidence of metastasis) are eligible to participate in this study.

  • If you are interested, please fill out the form below. Our expert team of veterinarians will be in touch to confirm eligibility and discuss next steps.


Any patient from any hospital in the world can participate in this study as long as the patient has a biopsy result confirming the diagnosis. If you have a patient who may be eligible to participate in the study, please submit the form below; we will be in touch to discuss the patient and next steps for submitting the samples.

How You Can Help

Send us a Stool Sample!

  • Participation in this study is free, and any eligible patient can participate in this study.

  • The patient must have a biopsy result confirming the diagnosis (with or without evidence of metastasis).

  • Contact us to confirm eligibility, and we’ll send you a mailing kit.


Inquire about your dog’s eligibility or request more information below