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Veterinary Specialty Hospital - North County

Ethos Precision Medicine Umbrella Study for Hemangiosarcoma (Ethos-PUSH)


Ethos-PUSH looks to assess the efficacy of new treatment options for dogs with hemangiosarcoma (HSA).


The Ethos-PUSH study seeks to deliver a highly advanced program investigating the use of novel drugs for the treatment of hemangiosarcoma (HSA) with the goal of curing this aggressive cancer. Ethos Discovery’s previous work in HSA has taught us that HSA is not a single cancer but is rather at least four different subtypes of cancer, each characterized by a different genomic mutation. Previous studies evaluating drugs for the treatment of HSA have shown variable results, and the discovery of these different subtypes could explain this phenomenon.

This study will ask if drugs specifically matched to these genomic subtypes of patients with HSA can improve their outcomes. Our trial has already demonstrated that a greater number of dogs (40-50%) with a ruptured splenic tumor end up having a benign diagnosis that is cured with surgery alone.


  • Any dog diagnosed with a ruptured splenic tumor whose owners are pursuing surgery for splenectomy.

  • No evidence of metastasis as determined via chest x-rays and during surgery.

  • Dogs weighing more than 5kg and less than 45kg

What We’ve Learned:

  • We have learned that many splenic tumors are benign (40-50%) and can be cured with surgery alone.

  • Enrolling participants in this trial offers owners and their pets more hope.

  • Future dogs and humans will benefit from the results of this research.


Eligible patients will have various blood, tissue, and fecal samples collected at the time of splenectomy surgery. Patients found to have HSA following surgery will be eligible to continue on to the second phase of the trial and will receive cutting-edge therapies at no cost to the pet owner.

  • Procedures typically begin 1 week after the splenectomy surgery.

  • This study consists of around 10 study visits over 1 year.


  • Bulger Veterinary Hospital, Lawrence, MA

  • Colorado Animal Specialty and Emergency Hospital (CASE), Boulder, CO

  • Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital, Woburn, MA

  • Peak Veterinary Referral Center, Williston, VT

  • Premier – Chicago, Chicago, IL

  • Premier – Orland Park, Orland Park, IL

  • Summit Veterinary Referral Center (Tacoma, WA)

  • VERC, Honolulu, HI

  • Veterinary Specialty Hospital, Sorrento Valley, San Diego, CA

  • Veterinary Specialty Hospital, North County, San Marcos, CA

  • WVRC – Grafton, WI

  • WVRC – Racine, WI

  • WVRC – Waukesha, WI


  • Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Pet Emergency and Specialty Center of Marin, San Rafael, CA

  • Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital, Wheat Ridge, CO

  • University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine

  • VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic (Dallas, TX)

Benefits of Participation

Participating pet owners will receive:

  • $1,000 towards the cost of surgery.

  • The cost of treating side effects associated with either study will also be covered up to a total of $3,000.

Dogs confirmed to have hemangiosarcoma with no evidence of metastasis will be eligible to continue to the fully funded treatment phase of the study at no cost to the client (> $10,000 value).


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