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Veterinary Specialty Hospital - North County

K9 Tumor and Blood Sampling for Osteosarcoma and Oral Melanoma (KABOOM)


Naturally occurring cancers in dogs have been as used as models for human cancers for many reasons; however, the genomic profiles of many of these cancers are still incompletely understood. Further definition of these genomic landscapes will allow for improved development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics to diagnose and treat these cancers. The objective of this study is to develop cancer models of osteosarcoma and oral melanoma for use in future studies investigating the use of novel therapies.


  • Dogs with a confirmed diagnosis of osteosarcoma or oral melanoma

  • Dog is scheduled to undergo surgical removal of their tumor/limb within a participating Ethos hospital


  • Bulger

  • WVRC – Racine/Kenosha

  • VSH-NC